“1 Kilo, 1 Ethix”

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EthicHub launches the "1 Kilo, 1 Ethix" campaign to support small coffee farmers and reinforce the impact ecosystem formed around the Ethix token. 

The campaign, which was launched today and has an estimated duration of 3 months, will award the EthicHub coffee farmers one Ethix for every kilo of coffee sold.

Until 30 June 2021, all sales made through EthicHub - both at our online store and via our strategic partners such as Mixteco or Quality Blends - will carry additional value to our farmers. We want to celebrate the dedication that farmers have demonstrated for their work during these tough times and reward their excellent efforts with this original initiative.

The tokens accrued throughout the duration of the campaign will be delivered to the recipients once the campaign is completed. The total sum of all Ethix tokens awarded during the course of the campaign will be displayed on our website and shall be periodically updated.

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Our goal is to further reinforce the impact generated by EthicHub and the Ethix tokens and honor the most important members of the impact ecosystem: our small unbanked coffee farmers. 

Ethichubbers will not incur any additional costs with their coffee purchases. Lendingdev, the first Loan Originator and social enterprise that has developed the P2P lending platform, will fully assume all additional expenses during this campaign. And for new coffee buyers, you now have an additional incentive to enjoy a great tasting, specialty coffee!

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"this magnificent idea arises from the EthicHub community itself, and we have adopted it with great enthusiasm. It gives new utility to our impact token that directly and positively affects farmers, turning them into Ethixholders".

 Gabriela Chang, co-founder of EthicHub

This first pilot will last 3 months and is limited to the sales of roasted coffee in the EthicHub online store and the sale of green coffee with strategic partners such as Mixteco or Quality Blends. However, as Gabriela Chang points out,

"we would very much like to continue after the pilot is over and extend it to other similar initiatives. I think we have a wonderful tool in our impact token to effectively align the interests of all actors involved in the ecosystem and continue to pay tribute to the most important members in coffee production, our farmers".

 Gabriela Chang, co-founder of EthicHub


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