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AIRDROP of 25 xEthix tokens (which will enable you to get higher interest rates on your investment and discounted prices in our shop)

POAP Ethichub-AIBC 2021.


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EthicHub won the prize of “Social Impact Project of the Year” in 2019  at AIBC


We were and are still beyond proud of having received this prestigious award as we know it will help us in our mission to end poverty for millions of farmers around the world.

Yearly Investment provided by our community to our farmers

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Whats an Airdrop?

Airdrop: An airdrop may evoke images of military jets airdropping supplies to civilians or military forces. While it’s different in the cryptocurrency world, the concept is the same. In the cryptocurrency world, an airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin, usually for free, to numerous wallet addresses. This is done upstream to reward first-users of a platform and gain attention to new users, resulting in a larger user base and

Whats a Poap?

POAP - short for Proof of Attendance Protocol - provides event nomads with a way to verify their attendance through collecting digital badges, all of which live on-chain. Each badge is unique, meaning that the only way to claim one is to physically (or digitally) receive it at the event. What’s more, is that POAP badges contain an endless amount of potential which we’re just now starting to tap into! We’ll dive deeper into these in a future article, but for now here are some use-cases which might tickle your mind:

- Community Polls

- Conference Discounts

- Expedited Hackathon Reviews

- Airdrop Targeting

- Social Graphs

- Under-collateralized Lending

- VIP Parties

+ more!

About EthicHub

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Lending with impact.

Your lending improves the lives of hundreds of small producers, increasing their productivity in harmony with nature and opening up new markets for their products.


High return projects.

Earn 8% annual return while boosting development and opportunities. 10% annual return for those also backing our impact token.


Invest in specialty coffee.

Farmers use the loans to improve their crops' productivity and quality and to access international markets.

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