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For Noel, investing in the EthicHub platform and supporting the project ". allows us to help economically disadvantaged communities, " such as the unbanked small producers with whom we work.

Since then, not only have we reached this significant figure, we have also managed to incorporate more than 21 smallholder communities, spread between Mexico, Brazil and Honduras, into our platform.

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During this time, dozens of small communities of unbanked farmers have benefited from. new, cheaper, and more accessible financing tools contributing to their socio-economic development.

The proceeds from these NFTs’ sales will be used to rehabilitate schools in danger of collapse in our farmers’ communities. The collection is available on Doingud.

This event took place as a loan was unpaid by one of the communities of unbanked farmers who received working capital through the crowdlending platform. As wished for, the Compensation System successfully covered the funds of the affected investors.

We have recently opened a new international market for our farming communities. Our list of international countries is getting longer. Now you can find the United States among Spain, China, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

June 2018. with small coffee-growing communities in Mexico.

Currently they group 265 producers located in more than 30 communities in different municipalities. Some of these are Capitán Luis Ángel Vidal, Siltepec, Ángel Albino Corzo, Montecristo de Guerrero, La Concordia and Villa Corzo.

Honduras to serve new communities of coffee growers. as we have already been helping smallholder coffee farmers in Mexico and recently in Brazil.