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Become a financial and social activist. Earn commissions by promoting triple impact investment on EthicHub. Join us today.

Investing in crypto assets is not regulated, may not be suitable for retail investors, and there is the risk of losing the total amount invested.

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This alliance will allow for the small agroforestry farmers in EthicHub to get an additional income for the carbon and ecological services they provide to the world, while Toucan NCT - Natural Carbon Tokens will enable their holders to invest in EthicHub bonds

In addition they should invest economic resources in their farms as through this, they will yield a better production and increase their cup profile. We will continue growing while gaining the trust of new producers.

But focused on a model on cryptocurrencies or tokens, DEFI only serves holders of such assets who are willing to invest them to receive interest or to cryptocurrency traders requesting loans to leverage their operation on their crypto assets price increase,

Heifer Impact Capital (HIC), a leading initiative in the impact investment ecosystem, under Heifer International, will invest together with Heifer Labs and Heifer Mexico $420,000 through our platform.

Users can choose the amount of DAI or cUSD - depending on the chosen Blockchain - they want to invest and the maturity time of the bond. Each maturity has a respective APY, the longer the maturity the higher the APY.

grateful because now, in addition to providing financing for them to work their land, producers can be more at ease with the success of the campaign because now we can respond to any eventuality to continue fulfilling the commitment they have with those who invest

Investing always carries risks, and that is why it is important to identify our profile as an investor.

How to invest in crowdlending and crowdfunding? The Internet has popularized the crowdlending and crowdfunding industry to the extent that it grows year after year at a double-digit rate.