Successful partners, for a mutual benefit of high social impact.

EthicHub represents an ecosystem of collaboration and mutual benefit.  Your loans can boost the productivity of small agricultural communities that grow one of the best coffees in the world, and you can also enjoy its high quality by buying them directly at our online shop.


We require loans with a fair interest to be able to continue living on our coffee.

Horacio Morales
San Rafael community, Chiapas, México

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* Annual interest on your investment in USD (xDAI) at the time of delivering the loan to farmers. Currency exchanges at the investor's expense. All information about your investment find here

Connecting people. Harvesting wealth.  

A new way of investing, favoring the financial inclusion of unbanked farmers and respecting the biodiversity of the environment

Three years of social impact.



Successfully repaid projects



Investments made on a platform



Communities smallholder farmers



Farmers with profitable activities



Families supported in EthicHub

Invest in our small coffee-growing communities.

Projects based on the real and productive economy, rigorously selected among experienced farmers with profitable activities.


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EthicHub Specialty Coffee.

Now you can enjoy one of the best shade grown coffees in the world, cultivated by the expert hands of smallholder farmers.

Ethichub partners with the farmer so you can buy without intermediaries and 50% of the profit goes to the coffee producer.

specialty coffee farmers ethichub
 1Kilo 1Ethix an additional impact that will have a favorable benefit for farmers.

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A growing community of EthicHubers sensitized to the world of impact investing and the fair, productive use of their money.

A platform to invest in projects in which you help agricultural producers in poor areas without access to banking resources—a full-rule win-win. Besides, the guys who work behind this project are cool.


I am delighted with my subscription and with the coffee that I can drink every morning. Also, the business model is fair, with great benefits to the farmer. Ethichub represents my values a lot.



Great opportunity to put your money into social impact with blockchain technology! Highly recommended.




It is a spectacular ground coffee, it smells wonderful. After trying it, I have to say that it is the best coffee I have ever tasted. Its aroma, its great flavor, you can see the excellent quality it has..



A bridge of financial inclusion. 

Our investment contributes to creating a collaborative ecosystem where all the actors involved win with the relationship, generating mutual benefits. 

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Selected for the Cohort of 50 disruptive companies chosen in 2020. 

Ganadores de la edición española y co-ganadores de la final mundial 2020.

Winners of the Spanish edition and co-winners of the 2020 World Final.

Winners of the 2018 Social Impact Startup Award. 

Best Blockchain project award in the Financial Inclusion category.

Winners of the Award for the best Social Impact project of 2019.

Financing agreement in 2019 to accelerate the development of the platform.

Members of the Association in the verticals of Blockchain and Social Impact. 

Members of the Network and selected for the acceleration process in 2019.

Selected to participate in the IV edition of Cuatrecasas Acelera 2019. 

Legal partners in matters relating to data protection and technology. 

Award for the project with the greatest potential impact and Seal of Social Impact.. 

Members of the startup community chosen early in 2018. 

Members of the social business community in Spain since 2018. 

Partner for the development of the scientific study and Social Impact metrics.