A new originator node on EthicHub?

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The Ethix holders will decide off-chain is the addition of new originator nodes for certain geographical areas and crops, we want to submit to the vote of the ethichubbers community the incorporation of a new credit originator in Brazil.

On June 23, it will be three years since, at the NON CENTRAL CONF, held in León, we made a first p2p loan to the first community of unbanked farmers who joined EthicHub. There the fuse of a (blessed) change-bomb that we build and fan more and more among more people lit. 

People convinced that another way of doing things is possible, that generating a positive impact is not at odds with fair economic activity, and that blockchain removes the walls that made impossible something as logical as what we have been doing for three years ... Financing unbanked farmers, reducing their costs and improving their income, thanks to a fairer value chain, of which YOU are part.

And since then we have continued working and improving our initial proposal. Another significant milestone took place on December 22th 2020, when we launched the Ethix token, to connect DeFi with the productive economy. The Ethix is ​​not only the cornerstone of the compensation fund that is activated in case of defaults, it is also the governance token of EthicHub, and the catalyst for the exponential and decentralized scaling of EthicHub. We aspire to achieve a sustainable ecosystem that contributes to ending poverty by positively impacting the lives of millions of small farmers.

For this year 2021, the objective of EthicHub is to decentralize its governance to the point of collaboratively designing the EthicHub DAO and the first steps are happening in a way that is as practical as off-chain, the EthicHub forum. 

A large number of projects document their governance processes, proposals, and discussions in forums such as discord or discourse to later be settled as on-chain votes, which can trigger payments from a community treasury, as will be the case in EthicHub.

However, in our DAOification process, we want to experiment and involve the community to the maximum, starting in a completely off-chain way in discourse while in parallel planning the technical implementation of a DAO based on some of the existing protocols, and the Manifesto of the EthicHub DAO.

One of the areas in which the Ethix holders will decide on-chain is the addition of new originator nodes for certain geographical areas and crops, so from that eminently practical point of view and above all due to the ambition to see our impact multiplied, we want to submit to the vote of the ethichubbers community the incorporation of a new credit originator in Brazil, Brazil UM, according to their proposal in the ethichub forum.

nuevo nodo originador ethichub

You can learn more about the role of the credit originator at this link. In practice, their incorporation means reaching more communities, the addition of new financing projects in app.ethichub.com, a new compensation fund in Ethix to the loans made to the communities selected by Brazil UM, and the expansion of EthicHub's quality coffee offer in international markets, both retail and wholesale.

That is why your vote is important!

One of the great challenges of any decentralized organization scheme is participation and being able to know its dynamics is vital for a good design of a DAO, so this vote, in addition to resolving the issue of the incorporation of Brazil UM, will serve to have some first participation metrics that will be useful for on-chain voting processes.

All registered users in the EthicHub forum can vote click here, according to the following parameters for voting.

Eligibility to vote: Registered user at forum.ethichub.com - 1 IP - 1 user - 1 vote - It is not necessary to prove the possession of ethix tokens at the time of voting.

Minimum quorum: No minimum quorum is required

Percentage required to consider the positive vote: 2/3 parts.

This in itself is a matter of debate in the community, different types of decisions requiring different majorities and what percentage to apply in each case. Due to the relevance of a decision such as the incorporation of a new node, the initial suggestion is to require a reinforced majority to accept such a decision.

Voting deadline: Voting will close automatically on June 23 at 14:00 PM CEST. . 

Register in the forum forum.ethichub.com and participate in this important decision for the EthicHub community! -----> More info



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