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This beautiful initiative, which we launched in April 2021, has made it possible that a total of 100,811 ethix tokens are now available to EthicHub's small coffee farmers.

It will be two years since we materialized a wonderful idea with the launch of the #1kilo1ethix campaign. At that time we told you that for every kilo of coffee that we managed to sell, in any of its modalities; green, roasted or directly from our website, an ethix token would go to our small producers.

At that time it was Gabriela Chang, co-founder of EthicHub, who explained the background of this initiative that had arisen within the ethichubbers community. Gabriela's words emphasized that the success of the campaign "will have a direct impact on farmers" because, without any added cost from any other actor in the EthicHub ecosystem, it would make it possible to turn our farmers "into ethixholders". 

1kilo=1 ethix (1)

And so it has been happening ever since. Below you can see for yourselves the transactions made throughout the campaign. In March of last year we sent the farmers the ethix generated to date: a total of 59,651 ethix and we sent it to them.

This is the hash of that first transaction (Ethereum): 

And to that first amount we then added the ethix corresponding to the coffee sales we achieved in the first 6 months of 2022. As there were 30,558 kilos of coffee sold, there were 30,558 ethix transferred in the month of July. 

Here is the hash of this second transaction (Ethereum):

Lucia Ruiz, head of the Mexican SPR, Cosechando Riqueza shared with all of you her enormous gratitude with the initiative, noting that "we cannot be happier and more grateful because now, in addition to providing financing for them to work their land, producers can be more at ease with the success of the campaign because now we can respond to any eventuality to continue fulfilling the commitment they have with those who invest in their projects."

Well now, we have the immense satisfaction to share with all of you a third transfer made recently. On this occasion, made on CELO's Blockchain and for a total of 10,103 ethix. 

In the public address of the Mexican SPR we can see the total amount transferred: 100,312 ethix. 

But we also inform you that we made our debut with our small coffee farmers in Honduras, to whom we have also traded their wonderful coffee. This is the hash of the transaction and here is the public address where they are deposited.   

We owe many of these sales to the roasters who work with us and who buy green coffee, in large quantities, to roast it in a masterful way and then market it. We have counted other sales in the international markets where we are present; Canada, China, United Kingdom and USA. But almost the most special sales we have to thank the ethichubbers who periodically buy coffee from our farmers in our online store.

Many thanks to all of you who have made your purchases at EthicHub because, between all of us, we have managed to generate a little more impact than usual!

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