We have reached an agreement with Toucan

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We are very proud to anounce our partnership with Toucan, the leading protocol to tokenize carbon credits.

This alliance will allow for the small agroforestry farmers in EthicHub to get an additional income for the carbon and ecological services they provide to the world, while Toucan NCT - Natural Carbon Tokens will enable their holders to invest in EthicHub bonds to improve the productivity of the agroforestry farmers.

In this regard, Gabriela Chang, co-founder of EthicHub, points out that,

2 Billion smallholder farmers are currently excluded not just from the traditional financial system, but also form traditional certification and traditional carbon credits because their individual lands are small, and yet together, they produce a third of the world's food"


And she is not the only one delighted with the agreement. For Jori Armbruster, co-founder of EthicHub,

this partership between Toucan and EthicHub opens a full scope of possibilities by enabling smallholders to participate in the carbon markets"


The collaborations between both projects will be developed on CELO's Blockchain, an impact ecosystem in which we recently integrated and where synergies between projects with the same purpose are inevitable.

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