BlockWorld Tour 2022

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Hi everyone, I hope you are doing better than ever! Last week, starting Friday 18, EthicHub had the honor to participate in Cartagena’s BlockWorld Tour 2022 Edition in Spain. There, as you can imagine we were sponsors and served our delicious coffee to all the attendees. 


Throughout this event, we were lucky enough to meet a ton of new interesting people and reconnect with familiar faces. We started on the first day, by meeting Adolfo and Sandra from Strambolics. Strambolics is a future NFT platform with the goal of onboarding recognized artists from web2 and helping them jump the ship to web3. Soon after came our good friend Fredy from DragonStake, a platform enabling users to stake their cryptos at attractive APYs. Fredy told us about DragonStake development over the last few months and we were absolutely thrilled to hear about it!


At 6pm, Íñigo Molero, our communication representative, gave a talk about EthicHub explaining our mission and our goal to help all unbanked farmers access capital at affordable interest rates. His presentation was a success and we even got an honorable mention for an incredible project led by the one and only Jesus from Green Data Chain, who told us we were an inspiration for how he structured his project! We invite you to look into it because it has tremendous potential. After Íñigo’s talk, we were swarmed by a crowd looking for more insights about our project. In that crowd, we met Rafa from LordToken, an exchange partnered with Binance Cloud. He was looking for projects to integrate as part of their social responsibility and EthicHub, yup you guessed it, is the perfect fit… probably nothing tho.


We later enjoyed some networking with all the projects present at this event and got to know the wonderful team of Taberna Blockchain. They host on Telegram, Twitch and Youtube voice chat every week to talk about different crypto thematics and blockchain related content. They shot a little video of us talking about EthicHub and we are eager to see it!!! We also met there the Woonkly team, a spanish NFT marketplace bringing together artists, creators, collectors all in one place. And that’s a wrap for this first day.


The second day was all about GameFi. We got the chance to see the developments of many attractive projects. For instance, there was TeamQueso’s project which seeked to capitalize on the blockchain ecosystem to create a tighter knit community. TeamQueso is one of the biggest e-sport team in the world and their entry and interest in leveraging blockchain is a huge milestone for the adoption and advancement of blockchain technology. We will be eagerly waiting to see its repercussions. 


In addition, we also assisted with OuterRing’ presentation. There, they mentioned security concerns that had arised due to the recent gaming hacks, hence presenting their decision to postpone their launch to early 2023.  Even though this decision seemed to split the room, they laid out a plan to further increase their tokens utility through multiple partnerships they have been building with other gaming projects. We remain confident that OuterRing has their community’s best interests at heart and we will continue to follow this quality project closely.


Last but not least, we almost got an interview from YellowBlock to talk about EthicHub, however due to organizational complications we had to postpone it. Nevertheless, we invite you to have a look at their recent episodes, like this … (couldn’t find the link). 


Overall, this event was a great opportunity for us to make new friends and meet some old ones. We’d like to thank Fernando Molina for inviting us to Cartagena and to this beautiful event :) Until then, we wish you the best in your upcoming endeavors. 

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