CryptoCafé joins as a Crypto Ethical Firm

CryptoCafé joins as a Crypto Ethical Firm

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Madrid at Calle Bastero 13, CryptoCafé stands out not only for its specialty coffee, cozy ambiance, and top-notch events but also for its revolutionary role in adopting new technologies and concepts of business ethics. As the first Ethical Crypto Firm of its kind and almost spontaneously, CryptoCafé has embraced a business model that embodies the spirit of collaborative economy and principles of decentralized financing.

But what exactly is an Ethical Crypto Firm (FCE)? It is a business or a freelance professional that goes beyond traditional corporate social responsibility, utilizing blockchain technology to ensure that its actions are transparent and have a real and positive impact. At CryptoCafé, this means directly supporting coffee producers through collective collateral.

Crowd Collateral in the Collaborative Economy

Meeting one of the key requirements of an Ethical Crypto Firm, CryptoCafé has staked part of its funds in Ethix in favor of coffee farmers. Joining initiatives like La Bicicleta and Connexus, this commitment to collective collateral demonstrates its dedication to a more just and equitable economy, embodying the principles of the collaborative economy.

On this note, I want to extend another thank you to all ethixholders for their ongoing support of small coffee producers. Thanks to your trust, most of the Collective Collaterals on Celo are now fully covered. CryptoCafé has been able to collaborate with communities like San Marcos and Sierra Azul in Mexico, which you can verify here: 

A Journey from the Origin to the Cup

The coffee served at CryptoCafé comes from shade-grown crops, a practice that not only improves the quality of the coffee but also protects the ecosystem and promotes biodiversity. This approach has a positive environmental impact and also improves the living conditions of the producers by offering them fair prices and access to global markets and financing through EthicHub. It is a perfect example of how fair trade and sustainable practices can go hand in hand.

At CryptoCafé, those who own Ethix have a unique opportunity to enjoy more than just great coffee. By identifying themselves as ethixholders or with an EthicHub membership voucher, visitors can access an exclusive space managed by Renata—a place that facilitates interaction and coworking. This area serves not only as a workspace and connection hub but also as a meeting point for those committed to the vision of an inclusive and ethical financial future.

CryptoCafé's comprehensive approach in collaboration with EthicHub is a clear demonstration of how businesses can and should operate in the 21st century: with awareness, responsibility, and a firm commitment to positive social and environmental impact. Come and discover how a simple cup of coffee can contribute to changing the world, one cup at a time.

Andrea López de Vicuña