Magnificent experience at the Celo Connect in Barcelona

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The international meeting, held in Barcelona on April 4 and 5, brought together a remarkable group of projects and experienced speakers to address the latest updates in Defi and ReFi (decentralized finance and regenerative finance)

There are many synergies between what we are trying to build in EthicHub with the whole CELO ecosystem. The Celo Foundation promotes the growth and development of a decentralized, open-source, carbon-neutral blockchain ecosystem. CELO facilitates projects and professionals in the impact and crypto ecosystem, tools, knowledge, and inspiration. The ultimate objective is to achieve a new financial system capable of creating the conditions of prosperity for all. So it was not a surprise that, in this environment, our proposal was very well received by the attendees.

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We returned with great impressions and a great desire to continue creating collaborations throughout this CELO ecosystem and with the many contacts that we took with us. Jori and Gabriela, cofounders of EthicHub, were invited to participate in various presentations along with other leaders of the ecosystem and shared with those who present their experiences and future visions of the ecosystem. They were accompanied by other team members, Plata and Gy and Jordi and Alfonso. 

In this first global meeting of the Celo community, we have seen the enormous potential of joining value-aligned initiatives to scale up the adoption of Regenerative Finance: Prosperity for All.

                       Gabriela Chang about Celo Connect

EthicHub collaborated with the event by supplying coffee from our farmers. A detail that attracts a lot of attention wherever we go because those small bags of coffee, with the name of our producing communities printed on them, are tangible proof of how we can bring this technology to the people who need it the most. And to show the real and productive economy that our farmers represent. A team member explains his feelings and tells us an anecdote that we cannot resist sharing with you. This type of detail has made this event "different" from many others in the ecosystem.

"Celo Connect has been different. We really connected with all the people who came to be interested. For those familiar with the crypto world, it was very logical and obvious what we were doing, praising our project and work without taking away any merit. The conversations were very fluid, with interest and desire to collaborate. I finally felt at home at an event. There have been many cool moments, but the one I would highlight the most is that we told the waiters to come over for a pack of coffee almost at the end. I quickly explained EthicHub, and one of them said, "I am an anti blockchain and anti-crypto, but with your project, you have shown me that you are doing something real and that it serves something real. You have changed my opinion about blockchain. It was a rush :)."


It was very stimulating to spend these intense days with so many people aligned with our mission of generating regenerative wealth. There is a profound change in how we perceive value and well-being in the new economy.

                          Jori Armbruster about Celo Connect




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