We present our bounties campaign!

We present our bounties campaign!

A new gateway to EthicHub, designed for all those of you who want to get involved, little by little, in what we are building here.

Dear community, as you have heard us say on numerous occasions, at EthicHub “we are very open to good ideas”. And there have been many that we have received in these first years. And not just ideas. We have also been very grateful for the time and altruistic effort that many people have dedicated to us in these 6 years of life.

And so, a little among all of us, and depending on our possibilities, we have been collaborating to build this project of which we feel very proud. And what we have left. Because here we are very aware that everything achieved so far is only a small part of everything we want to demonstrate. And how far we can go.

And to travel this path we want to surround ourselves with committed activists. That's why we present an articulated campaign to bring you on board. We want to identify and incorporate all the talent that we know exists among ethichubbers. And in the same way, claim and value your contribution to the ecosystem. We confess that, fortunately, what we tell you is a reality that we are already experiencing. More and more people are coming to us selflessly to try to help and collaborate in very different ways. And this type of environment that is generated is what we always look for because it is a wonderful way of working.

So take this exciting initiative as a new way to enter EthicHub but not the only one. With the bounties campaign we intend to search for the talent that lives among our community in an easy and enjoyable way. And requesting various proposals that a specialist in the field will be able to materialize better than any of us. And in less time for sure! We are convinced that those enthusiasts and specialists are among us but have not yet expressed themselves.

With the bounties campaign we will ask you for simple tasks, with a quick solution, which we will reward with an NFT loaded with “staked” ethix for whoever executes the request. A way for you to contribute talent to the project and the project's response to recognize and reward your work. You have also heard us highlight that “in a collaborative system we all have to win with the relationship and mutual collaboration”

This campaign is designed to be that first gateway and the beginning of many other possibilities. And you will be the ones who will have to decide to what extent you want to get involved, or not. And both possibilities are equally good. But nothing prevents someone who successfully participates in the bounties campaign from joining the contributor program or becoming an EthicHub ambassador around the world. There are many more ways to collaborate and add value here than we imagine.

And we are waiting for you. If you are interested or want more information, you can write to me directly at andrea@ethichub.com and in the meantime stay tuned to the usual communication channels

Andrea López de Vicuña