Ethichub at Mobile World Congress

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EthicHub participated in 4YFN (4 years from now), an event designed for startups within the Mobile World Congress, the reference exhibition in the mobile phone industry.

This is the first time that Ethichub participates in 4YFN, along with 400 other companies, to present our incredible project while attendees tasted our magnificent specialty coffee.

After two years of absence, the event, held in Barcelona, gave hope for all attendees to be able to return, little by little, to the pre-Covid situation and the organization of face-to-face events, without abandoning the events online to which we have become so accustomed.

Why did we participate in the event?

First of all, it is a privilege to be part of 4YFN and share experiences with other innovative companies to seek new collaborations and establish strong connections with the community.

In this way, the attendees were able to learn first-hand about the new financing tools that we offer, the functionality of our Ethix token, and the journey of these almost 4 years. And all these talks enlivened with an excellent specialty coffee.

ethichub en MWC -4YFN

Did we achieve the goal? 


We are excited about the enormous interest we saw from the guests in our project. We perceive enormous enthusiasm for our activities and our social business model, which seeks to benefit unbanked small farmers while investors can receive returns on their contributions.

After almost four years of immense work, we can proudly say that we have a real and tangible solution for these unbanked small farmers. Together, we are managing to generate a huge social impact on a global level, collaborating in their socio-economic development.


Thanks to everyone who approached, showed interest, and registered on our platform. Thanks to our friends who found the time to say hello and show their support. Thanks to the entire MWC and 4YFN team for ensuring everything was perfect, and safety regulations were met.

Ah… and we cannot miss the gratitude to SMEG, who accompanied us during the event and pampered our guests with the specialty coffee from Mexico.

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