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Ethichubbers now will also support Honduran coffee growers!

We are delighted to share with all of you that this year 2021, our financing platform will also reach Honduras to serve new communities of coffee growers as we have already been helping smallholder coffee farmers in Mexico and recently in Brazil.

We want to bring new financing tools at much cheaper and more accessible rates and contribute to socio-economic development.
And we have achieved it with the help of the Cooperativa Cafetalera Diseñadores de Cafés Especiales - COCADICAFE, which has become the new originating node that we will have in Honduras. COCADICAFE is a company of the Social Sector of the Honduran Economy that is based in El Níspero, Santa Bárbara. Which is made up of coffee producers organized around Savings and Credit Banks in the municipalities of El Níspero, Arada, Gualala, San Nicolás, Santa Bárbara, as well as San Rafael and La Unión in the Department of Lempira.


The president of COCADICAFE is Mr. Domingo Rosales Amaya, a new originator Node from Honduras, who recently sent us a video message to thank all the Ethichubbers. Domingo Rosales tells us that "the opportunity to work together with EthicHub will generate a lot of benefit for coffee producers" and that the agreement reached with EthicHub represents an extraordinary opportunity. "With low interest, the producer will achieve a better fertilization plan, a better collection of the grape grain from the coffee trees, an ideal coffee drying ..."

And in conclusion, he points out that "in this way, we will have a higher production and a better profile in a cup; achieving higher income at the end of the harvest." We are also delighted to work with you, Domingo.

In the same way that has happened with the recent opening of the Brazilian market, the project in Honduras will begin with a pilot in which five leading cooperative producers will participate to finance the coffee collection, selection, washing, and coffee drying in 2021.

If you are an Ethixholders, stay tuned to the communications we will launch very soon because you will be able to put your Ethix to endorse Honduran farmers and receive rewards!

Staking is available now 

You can now stake your Ethix in the new pool open for smallholder coffee farmers in Honduras!

Remember that your Ethix acts as a guarantee in case there is a default. But in return, you get a return for the risk assumed and, most importantly, among all of us, we enable cheap and accessible financing to reach coffee farmers´ communities in Honduras.

The originating node will contribute 20% of the Ethix requested, the auditor another 20%, and the remaining 60% reserved for the Ethixholders.

The total staking amounts to 25,000 Ethix, and we will distribute 60 Ethix per day only to Ethixstakers. Sometimes little contributions have a bigger impact than just a single one.

Participate and join the power of decentralization!

Staking is closed already. Now the farmers from Cocadicafé have the collateral and in the coming days, they will be uploading on the Ethichub platform. 


Thank you from Domingo-  Originating Node

Here you can find  Domingo's message he left in our Telegram group after seeing that in less than 5 hours the staking was open the pool was fully funded. Thank you to our active Ethixholders. 

Thank you very much to the entire community.
I want to give thanks on behalf of the producers of Honduras.
I want to give thanks on behalf of the coffee pickers.
I want to give thanks on behalf of every biker on farms.
I want to give thanks on behalf of every taster in my country.
I want to give thanks on behalf of every sample roaster in my country.
I want to give thanks on behalf of the patiero (the person who dries the coffees) in my country.
I want to give thanks on behalf of every engineer who strives to produce organic matter to lower costs.
On behalf of CAFÉ DE HONDURAS.

CODICAFE- Domingo Rosales

Financing projects at - Honduras

Soon the projects will be uploaded to the platform in order to finance the needs of farmers in Honduras. Stay tuned as we will notify you through our official EthicHub channels.

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Projects to fund at - Honduras

The first projects in Honduras with our Originator Node Domingo are already published.

Check out a new community from Honduras, New York, where they need to raise € 3,019 for the humid coffee beneficiary.

The work in wet processing and immediate treatment of the coffee beans once harvested from the tree is of great importance in developing the attributes of coffee internally in the bean.

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