EthicHub's II Major Investor Campaign successfully closed!

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The investors of the campaign have already disposed of the principal invested a year ago, plus the stipulated returns of between 8 and 10%.

A few weeks ago we contacted the investors to inform them, first of all, that the II EthicHub Large Investor Campaign had been successfully concluded. And then to thank them very much for the trust they had placed in us a year ago. In us and in our small producers, of course. Because with their investments in the campaign they have made it possible for our communities to finance themselves at much cheaper and more accessible rates, making possible, among other things, an increase in production and higher quality coffee. 

But the investment made in the campaign has not only meant a notable benefit for farmers, but also for investors, who have been able to diversify their savings in proposals such as ours, based on the real and productive economy. And by opting for us, they have also generated that "extraordinary intangible" that acts in the form of social, economic and environmental impact. If you have not yet read it, here is the link to the interview with our originator node in Honduras, Domingo Rosales.  Link

We believe that the experience of Domingo and his farmers illustrates very well the purpose of EthicHub and our commitment to generate collaborative ecosystems where all participants benefit from the relationship and mutual collaboration. And that beyond favoring the financial inclusion and socio-economic development of these people, we can have a vital impact on the lives of many of them. How many Alexander Moreno are there in the world (you have to read Domingo's interview to understand the question ;)).

In these twelve months of the campaign's duration, a lot has happened at Ethichub and we have also shared it with investors. We have been able to bring our solution to two new countries (Honduras and Brazil), launch new products such as MiniMice Bonds or, more recently, celebrate our integration into the CELO ecosystem. And we continue to work and build. 

This has been seen by some of the investors who have decided to reinvest the principal and interest or just the principal, taking the interest earned. We also have investors who have recovered the principal and interest. To all of you, from here, we reiterate our thanks for your involvement.

And from now on, we would like to inform you that the campaign for large investors is no longer limited to temporary dates and remains open throughout the year. The minimum investment is 10,000 € per year and returns of between 9 and 10% are available. If you are interested in knowing more details about the campaign, you can contact us through this link.

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