Interview with an investor at Ethichub - Noel Autó Artal

Interview with an investor at Ethichub - Noel Autó Artal

We share with you an experience of one of our investors at Ethichub, Noel, an Ethichubber who came to our platform on the recommendation of "a friend who explained the project to me". And his friend must have done it very well because Noel was immediately interested in it. "The idea was fascinating to me," he adds.

So, from here, we want to thank very much for the recommendation of that anonymous Ethichubber who shared with Noel what we are building in EthicHub and extend our gratitude to Noel himself, who also "Recommended to family and friends."

For Noel, investing in the EthicHub platform and supporting the project "allows us to help economically disadvantaged communities," such as the unbanked small producers with whom we work. Hard-working people with profitable activities but incapable of breaking the cycle of poverty that grips them because their work's effort is destined to pay very high interests for the loans they request in their communities. As Noel points out, this situation makes it difficult for them to "attract investments that help them develop" because it is very difficult to reach them. They are the "last mile" defined by the Inter-American Development Bank.

EH: How did you discover EthicHub? and what did you like the most about the project?

Noel: A friend recommended and explained the project. I found the idea fascinating and that's why I was interested in

EH: What was your number one criterion for making your first investment in Ethichub?

Noel: Support for a project that helps economically disadvantaged communities in attracting investment to help them develop.

"it helps economically disadvantaged communities and in case of Ethichub they are last-mile farmers.”
Noel investor at EthicHub


And to solve this enormous problem that affects almost a quarter of the world's population, EthicHub arises to build a technological bridge between these two worlds and facilitate that anyone, anywhere in the world can invest in these communities from a few euros and obtain a passive return. And solve, at the same time, the problems of farmers because they can now access financing tools at much cheaper and more accessible rates.

EH: ¿Por qué te gusta EthicHub? ¿nos recomendarías a familiares y amigos?

Noel: Muchas son las razones por las que me gusta, tanto por su fin como ya he comentado anteriormente, por su concepto tecnológico detrás de la idea, o por el equipo humano que hay detrás de la compañía, por poner algunos ejemplos.

EH: Antes de involucrarte en EthicHub, ¿conocías el mundo de la inversión de impacto? ¿qué te parece el concepto?

Noel: Lo conocía y había participado en alguna otra inversión. Me parece sin duda una muy buena manera de invertir mi capital

There are many reasons why I like it... its technological concept or for the team behind it...
Noel investor at EthicHub


Let's talk about Noel's investor profile. He is aware of the importance of diversifying investments. Due to his technological profile, it is not strange to find among his preferences "investment funds in start-ups and innovative projects like this one" or some other more conservative option such as "fixed income" products.

Regarding EthicHub, Noel highlights the "technological concept behind the idea" and "the team behind the company," but the most notable are projects that generate a social impact.

This is what we know as impact investing. A concept that Noel was already familiar with because, in fact, he had previously "participated in some other similar investment". The world of impact investing has been growing exponentially in recent years and Noel's comment that they are "definitely a very good way to invest my capital" perfectly illustrates why. Now we can be responsible with our investments and allocate them to projects of moderate risk, notable profitability that generate a social, economic, or environmental impact on a global level.

EH: How many projects have you funded in 2021 on Ethichub, and what did you learn from your experience around investing?

Noel: I made a one-year loan and moved to different projects (I don't know exactly the number). I have learned that the procedures are simple and comfortable

“without a doubt, a very good way to invest my capital, it is also a very good option the great lender modality of EthicHub”
Noel investor at EthicHub


In 2022 Noel tells us that he intends to continue "investing in the platform" and also adds the possibility of "investigating new areas of collaboration." Because his experience of the investments he registered in this year that ends and that served to finance different communities has been that "the procedures are simple and comfortable."

Thank you very much for your trust, Noel, and finding time to share your experience with us.


EthicHub is a ReFi (Regenerative Finance) protocol that helps unbanked farmers access capital at low interest rates in a win/win model where all stakeholders benefit from the interaction. Its crowdlending platform was launched in June 2018, and to date (January 2023) it has brokered more than $3M in microcredits to more than 600 families in 5 countries.