La Bicicleta Café becomes the first "Crypto-Ethical Firm" in our Regenerative Finance (ReFi) ecosystem.

La Bicicleta Café becomes the first "Crypto-Ethical Firm" in our Regenerative Finance (ReFi) ecosystem.

The well-known Madrid establishment will accept our Ethix token as a payment to allocate them to the successive Collective Collaterals requested by farmers and reinforce the Compensation System.

Dear Ethixhubbers, after some months of very pleasant talks, tests with the technology, and some exciting pilot prototypes, today we officially present to you the first "Crypto-Ethical Firm" within our ecosystem! An expression that we coined as a natural evolution of the traditional concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but optimizing its possibilities and characteristics with the new Crypto-economy technology.

For those who do not know our friends, the first "Crypto-Ethical Firm" in our ecosystem, and partners in this exciting adventure of reinventing together the concept of CSR on Blockchain, we tell you that La Bicicleta Café is a specialty coffee shop, a pioneer in Madrid, which opened its doors in 2012. Since then it has become a place of pilgrimage for thousands of digital nomads, being the first establishment with specific services oriented to teleworkers. At the same time it has remained at the forefront of local reference in different gastronomic areas, with an international and eclectic approach, especially focused on specialty coffee. And it has been precisely because of here, because of the extraordinary coffee grown by our farmers, that we have had the opportunity to meet personally and explain in detail our proposal for social impact that, as you all know, goes far beyond marketing excellent specialty coffee.

So, when purposes are shared, collaborations flow very naturally. And this agreement is a magnificent example. As Quique Arias, the head of La Bicicleta Café, explains, "from the first moment we heard that there was a way to support the specialty coffee industry using blockchain technology, our eyes and ears were wide open. Without being a bitcoiner or crypto user yet, but with a lot of curiosity to learn, we understood very well EthicHub's model and proposal to support with cryptocurrencies a small industry but with drive, exactly where it is most needed: in small producers."

Foodie pics from La Bicicleta

For Quique, participating in this pioneering initiative and incorporating Ethix as a medium of payment means "in some way, closing a perfect circle where participation reaches the end customer in a completely natural and organic way." But not only that. The most relevant aspect of this collaboration is the new concept of "Crypto-Ethical Firm" that we are inaugurating. Among other things, because now any small entrepreneur, supplier, end-user, or even an occasional benefactor has the possibility to participate or drive similar initiatives and thus contribute to strengthening our ecosystem. And to do so quickly, transparently, and practically free of charge, to name just a few of the features of the new technology.

As Quique points out, "in our eagerness to support the project in every way, we have decided that the payments received in Ethix will return to the EthicHub ecosystem, either by providing collateral to the new communities that join the platform, through the Collective Collateral, or by contributing to the compensation system, to ensure the solvency of the funded projects." And beyond this reflection, Quique shares with us another, somewhat more intimate and personal one, linked to his professional experience. "We have always felt the need to get closer to the product, and therefore to the producer, and EthicHub seems to us the perfect bridge to live more closely each and every step of this exciting world." And at this point, a shared desire, "the difference between the life of micro-producers of specialty coffee and specialty coffee shops is immense, but with projects, actions, and proposals such as EthicHub, we can feel how those ties become closer and those distances are shortened. And that is wonderful.

And at this point, we insist on an inherent characteristic of technology: the transparency of technology. Anyone can verify what we are telling you. We note below the public address associated with La Bicicleta (on the CELO blockchain):

0x3222CA5745a7B139CD2c8d73180eE69e76a6c49e (CELO Blockchain)

Verification at the block explorer

A curious person entering the address into a CELO blockchain explorer will see that the first Ethix received have been earmarked to provide Collective Collateral to Anepaan coffee farmers and later also to become a "guarantor" for farmers of the SPR "Cosechando Riqueza." Both communities are in Mexico. In addition, it has earmarked as many Ethix to strengthen the Compensation System. A more robust clearing system gives greater security to investors and facilitates new investments, helping farmers to receive cheap financing from investors. As you all can see, La Bicicleta uses our token to strengthen our ecosystem and from here, our recognition for their vision and involvement with us. Many thanks to Quique, Pablo, and the whole La Bicicleta team for your activism.

And a little more. We would like very much for this stimulating initiative that we have just told you about to be replicated and add other new "Crypto-Ethical Firms" to the list inaugurated by La Bicicleta Café. With this example, any business initiative, regardless of its size, can generate a significant social impact in the right measure of its possibilities.

That's why we write down an email. If you want to explore these new possibilities in our ecosystem, you can contact us at


EthicHub is a ReFi (Regenerative Finance) protocol that helps unbanked farmers access capital at low interest rates in a win/win model where all stakeholders benefit from the interaction. Its crowdlending platform was launched in June 2018, and to date (January 2023) it has brokered more than $3M in microcredits to more than 600 families in 5 countries.