MiniMice Risk YIELD Bonds at EthicHub!

MiniMice Risk YIELD Bonds at EthicHub!
Jun 2023
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EthicHub Minimized Risk Yield Bonds (MiniMice) presented at the  ETH-Lisbon Hackathon and awarded by AAVE is already a reality.

MiniMice Bonds are now operational on the EthicHub platform.

As we announced in March, the idea of offering Ethix Collateralized Bonds is now ready and available to all Ethichubbers as a new way to finance community projects.

After months of hard work and after passing an exhaustive third-party audit, we can announce with great satisfaction that MiniMice tokens are now available on the EthicHub platform. As we told you in the post below, MiniMice tokens are non-fungible tokens with predefined features in the Smart Contract. 

How does it work?

One of the most novel features is that users will be able to choose the duration of their MiniMice Bonds:

  • Annual 9% on DAI for 12-month MiniMice bonds
  • Annual 7% on DAI for 6-month MiniMice bonds
  • Annual 6% on DAI for 3-month MiniMice bonds

Regardless of their duration, all MiniMice bonds have an innovative feature:  an integrated over-collateralization in Ethix to cover the investment in case of default. This collateral is made available if the Bond is declared defaulted, liquidating the Ethix until the lender is fully compensated. A maximum issue limit of USD 200,000 has been established for these 0.1 MiniMice Bonds, with 1 million Ethix as assigned collateral. These Ethix will be tied to the issued Bonds during the entire maturity period, regardless of Ethix’s market price.

Holders of the MiniMice Bond will get an image of its NFT with all the conditions included in the metadata, unique sequential identification of the Bond, as well as the interest, maturity time, and collateralized Ethix.


What do you think about the launch of MiniMice Bonds? We encourage you to share your opinions and comments in our Forum and ask if you have any doubts.

Remember that we have always been very open to good ideas!