Peru joins the list of countries in the EthicHub ecosystem!

Peru joins the list of countries in the EthicHub ecosystem!

We can now contribute to the projects submitted by small Peruvian coffee farmers and provide them with fairer and more affordable financing. 


We are in a new country, ethichubbers! With the agreement reached with Agros, we can officially say that we are now present in Peru. And we bring our technological solution to new small producers. This is how we want to contribute to their socio-economic development and help them break the cycle of poverty, creating an ecosystem where we all gain from the relationship and mutual collaboration. 

Peruvian coffee farmer agros in a coffee dryer

With this announcement, Peru joins a list that already includes Mexico, Brazil, Honduras and Ecuador. And it will not be the last country to join this beautiful list, of which we can be very proud. Because the problem we are trying to solve is unfortunately repeated in many parts of the world, and wherever we find it, there we can bring our collaborative solution.  


On this occasion, as an added value, we tell you that we share this fascinating journey with Agros, an entity, which collaborates with more than 20 agricultural cooperatives and more than 4 thousand rural farmers. So we are very excited and confident that this first pilot is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship because both entities share the same purpose.


Collateral contribution for Agros coffee growers


As you know, from now on, any of you can become a guarantor of these small producers with just a couple of clicks on your computer and a handful of ethix in your wallet. That is the power of decentralization, that small contributions from many of us are as powerful as a single contribution from a single person. In one case and the other those gestures are transformed into a collective collateral of the requested loan, for the peace of mind of the investing ethichubbers. This is how we manage to enable dozens of small producers to join the platform and access cheap financing, without the need to provide collateral that they do not have. 

screenshot of the agros staking on the ethichub platform

This link will take you to the community collateral presented by Agros. By connecting your wallets, you can deposit your ethix in the collateral contract and become a guarantor for the farmers. The goal is that, between all of us, we will be able to collect all the collateral required. So, if you are interested in participating, don't take too long because the contract will be closed once 100% of the collateral is reached. 


And so it has been in a matter of hours... Thank you all very much!

screenshot of agros staking on ethichub platform completed



EthicHub is a ReFi (Regenerative Finance) protocol that helps unbanked farmers access capital at low interest rates in a win/win model where all stakeholders benefit from the interaction. Its crowdlending platform was launched in June 2018, and to date (January 2023) it has brokered more than $3M in microcredits to more than 600 families in 5 countries.