We are launching Social Impact NFTs, taken by renowned photographer Stefano Azario

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The proceeds from these NFTs’ sales will be used to rehabilitate schools in danger of collapse in our farmers’ communities.


The collection is available on Doingud https://doingud.com/@ethichub?tab=created  and is composed of 10 copies of 10 photographs taken by Stefano Azario. For each sale, 50% of the profits will go to the SPR Cosechando Riqueza cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico.


Together we can give back to our smallholder farmers in a different way through this collection. A way that will support their educational journey and maintain the infrastructures that enable it. By acquiring these NFTs, we are specifically looking to help two schools located in San Rafael and Guatimóc, which are in serious danger of collapse. These two communities will be very familiar to ethichubbers, as they are among the most veteran of our ecosystem. 


This project seeks to add even more support to our farmers. Education, as we know it, is our society’s pillar and should be present regardless of one’s geographical location. Since the start, these farmers have been the cornerstone of our ecosystem and their coffee has been the energy keeping us afloat on many different occasions. Being in the position that we are in, it is then our duty and responsibility to help maintain what is dear to them and today that is the continuity of their education. 


DoinGud is a platform, we not only highly regard, we also feel greatly aligned with their values. As such, we couldn’t think of a better partner for the launch of our NFT collection for our farmers. To get your hands on one or more of those NFTs, click this link (https://doingud.com/ethichub?tab=collaborations) and let’s support our farmers together . The NFTs will be available on Polygon’s chain. Each NFT - out of a total of 100 - has a starting price of 100 USDC. 


We think that this initiative may attract the attention of new investors, those very familiar with the world of NFTs. It might also show the real power of NFTs to strengthen a community and rally around a goal: to maintain our smallholder farmers’ schools. We hope to succeed in showing EthicHub’s many facets to the world and how our community can brace up to help those previously left behind through initiatives such as this one . 

doingod nft

NFTs are available on the Ethichub profile on the platform (https://doingud.com/@ethichub?tab=created) and the only thing you need to acquire your NFTs are Digital Dollars (USDC) and a little bit of MATIC for gas. For the less familiar with the topic, we will create a step by step video guide to help you in your purchase. If this first pilot venture works, we would like to launch another series of images in September with a broader scope.


All EthicHubbers have at their disposal a NFT by Stefano Azario on the platform. You just have to claim it. And for those who reach the end of this post: a lottery will be hosted amongst all the people owning an NFT. The prize? A trip, a chance to meet the communities you have collaborated with. This will be an unforgettable experience that will take place in February next year. And lastly? We will also throw in the mix a series of NFTs of high economic value (NFTs Prime) coming with a printed copy signed by the photographer, Stefano Azario. 


Regens for the WIN! 


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