We surpassed $3 million financed on our platform!

We surpassed $3 million financed on our platform!

Since we launched our first project in June 2018, a total of 700 smallholder families, grouped in 25 communities and in 5 different countries, have been able to enjoy cheap and accessible financing provided by more than 1,500 ethichubbers around the world. Thank you all very much!

Dear ethichubbers, today we would like to share with you a new milestone reached, of which we are very proud. In these almost five years, since we presented the first version of our platform at the NON CENTRAL CONF, held in León, we have managed, between all of us, to allocate more than 3 million dollars to our small producers. And not only in Mexico, where we started with the first pilots. During this time we have also been able to bring our financial solution to small producers in Honduras, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. In all cases, these hard-working people, experts in farming tasks and with a profitable economic activity, have been able to enjoy, thanks to all of you, much more favorable financial conditions for their crops. More than 700 families have been able to access a new financial tool, built on Blockchain technology, which is making it possible for them to break the cycle of poverty that grips them and develop socially and economically. 

We take this new milestone as an incentive and we are confident that we will continue to increase these metrics and that the work we have done so far, and all that lies ahead, will be decisive in closing new agreements and collaborations in many different areas. Especially in the world of impact investment, in which, little by little, we feel more understood and valued. Many years have passed since our first approaches to this wonderful ecosystem, of which we are as native as we are to Blockchain technology. But back then the possibilities of the technology and our value proposition were still not well understood. Fortunately, that situation is changing and the invitation we received to present our model at the Latin American Impact Investing Forum - FLII, the most important impact investing event in LATAM, renews our optimism.

We would very much like that this year 2023 could be a year remembered in the future for the explosion of the Regenerative Finance - ReFi ecosystem, of which we are an integral part. And that the world of traditional impact investing will be an important player, getting fully involved in many of these projects. Thank you very much to those of you who in one way or another contribute to all of this!


EthicHub is a ReFi (Regenerative Finance) protocol that helps unbanked farmers access capital at low interest rates in a win/win model where all stakeholders benefit from the interaction. Its crowdlending platform was launched in June 2018, and to date (January 2023) it has brokered more than $3M in microcredits to more than 600 families in 5 countries.