International Coffee Day with EthicHub

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On October 1, the EthicHub team took to the streets in an original initiative to bring the world of specialty coffee closer to all early risers.

What is a better way to start a day than enjoying an excellent specialty coffee?

In celebration of international coffee day, we invited people to their first coffee in the morning. Amazonia in Madrid and Salvage in Barcelona joined in the commemoration of World Coffee Day, serving the hundreds of people who wanted to try our specialty coffee with care and professionalism. From early in the morning, in Madrid and Barcelona, the EthicHub team could be seen, uniformed in T-shirts, informing pedestrians of the initiative and explaining what we do at EthicHub and how the world of specialty coffee and the world of investment impact may be intertwined.


Juan Ballesteros de Amazonia, where he exclusively supplies the coffee of one of our farmers, confessed to us "that he had never served so many coffees before," and even so, he also had time to participate in the Live that we carried out in his coffee shop through our social media channels. We were sharing the same excitement and positive energy was in Barcelona, in the Salvage coffee shop. The number of visits that day has exceeded all our expectations. Among those who were in Salvage, we found our advisor, Kim Ossenblok, a benchmark in the coffee industry and promoter of the "Sensitive Coffee" initiative. We also met Rafael Maggion, a man behind one of the most beloved coffee lovers' Instagram page Bcncoffeeguide.

amantes_de_cafe_ethichubWe would love to thank Amazonia and Salvatge team for their hard work to serve so many people with our specialty coffee and turn this day one of the most memorable and joyful days in our lives.

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