Invest in EthicHub

You can earn up to 8% annual profitability (in stablecoin paired with US dollars) with us, and for this, we recommend diversifying your investments in different EthicHub projects.

All investments involve some kind of risk. That's why it's important to be aware of it and value what is your investment capacity. It is not advisable to invest beyond your real possibilities or expose yourself to your economy's unacceptable risk.

How do I get started?

The investment process on our platform is clear and transparent. We are not financial intermediaries, nor do we act as custodians of your money. The investments you make to finance our farmers' projects are channeled through an Intelligent Contract. All the characteristics of the loan and its conditions are collected in a safe and unalterable way. The use of Blockchain technology provides us not only with transparency, but it also enables a secure, fast system and the possibility of moving small amounts of money at almost free costs.

EthicHub uses a blockchain connected to Ethereum's public network called xDai. And we use the native token of this blockchain -xDai-  to finance the loans and pay the costs associated with the execution of the Smart Contracts and the transfer of value. xDai is a stable token or cryptocurrency that always keeps a real parity with the US dollar; 1 xDai = USD 1. Remember that to become an EthicHuber; you have to register as a user, carry out an identification process, and accept the conditions and terms of the platform.

Once the identification process is finished, you can make your first investment either with a bank card or if you are a crypto user, directly transferring xDai from your wallet. Smart Contracts only operate with tokens or cryptocurrencies, so if you use your bank card, the platform will convert the amount you decide to invest to xDai.

Investing in the EthicHub platform involves creating a wallet for cryptocurrencies (wallet) where you will receive back your investment and the profits generated. At no time, EthicHub will have access to your passwords (private keys). The user has the responsibility of keeping their passwords, private keys, or seed words that give them access to their crypto wallet. This point is essential, so we recommend that if you have any questions about it or need help with the configuration, contact us at the following address:

Suppose you have already registered, and you are a crypto user who has a wallet. In that case, the procedure is also straightforward: You only have to connect your wallet with our platform, select the project you want to finance, and make the investment using xDai.

The investment will be effective once the total amount of xDais requested by the farmers has been completed. In this case, the Smart Contract will be executed, and the amount of money you have selected will automatically go to the wallet of the representative of the farmer group that has requested the loan. With the supervision and assistance of our Originator Hub, the xDai will be converted to the farmers' local currency so that they can use it to finance their agricultural tasks.

In case we are NOT able to collect the entire quantity requested by the farmers within the  established period, the Smart Contract will be executed and it will automatically return the xDai corresponding to the wallets of the investors participating in that specific project.

Investment with credit/debit card:

  1. You will need to create a username and password to access the platform.
  2. To make an investment on the platform, you will need to select a wallet. Here, you have two options: you can either select the automatic crypto wallet option or connect your Metamask wallet. With the automatic crypto wallet option, our platform will automatically create a crypto wallet for you and generate a private key for you of 12 generated keywords. You will need this private key (12 keywords) to access your wallet. Keep it in a safe place, preferably offline for heightened security. By losing a private key (12 keywords), one loses access to his/her funds.
  3. To invest, you will have to go to the chosen project and complete the payment process with a bank card. At this stage of the process, you will have to select the amount you want to invest in the project. Remember that we transform your investment into xDai without any associated cost for the user.

Investing with xDai:

  1. Create a user with a password and password to access the platform.
  2. Import your wallet and allow the connection with the EthicHub platform. You will only need your public address and the twelve keywords or the private key associated with the public address.
  3. To make an investment, you will have to go to the chosen project and finish the payment process using xDai.
  4. If you don't have xDai in your wallet, you will see an option enabled to transform the DAIs of your wallet to xDai.

What is KYC? Can I invest without passing the KYC?

Yes, you can. At EthicHub, we need to identify users through a KYC or Know Your Customer process. In this way, we comply with current European regulations and avoid bad practices associated with money laundering or other possible crimes. It is unnecessary to complete it when you make your first investment, but this process is mandatory to recover it.

How is interest calculated when I invest?

The duration of a loan and the interest accrued on the amount contributed are automatically calculated when we gather the amount requested by the farmers, and the Smart Contract is executed. The investment references the local currency of the requesting communities at that very moment, and the committed interest is applied to that amount.

Why is there 4% "System fee" and 4% platform? Are they subtracted from my annual interest?

No. The investor receives a 8% annual interest in USD (xDAI). The rest of the associated percentages - those that refer to the Compensation System and the platform - are not subtracted from their profitability.

In total, farmers pay 23% per year for received loans.  Suppose you live in Europe or in similar economic regions. In that case, this interest rate will probably surprise you. Still, they are extraordinarily better than the ones they found to finance themselves before being members of the EthicHub platform: These small farmers were paying, for the cash loans they requested, interest above 100% per annum. And still, they were able to pay them.

However, after paying off that loan, they barely had enough money left to cover their vital needs, and they needed to go back into debt, trapped in a vicious cycle from which they could not get out until you came with an accessible loan that frees them.

Will I be able to have an annual report of my investments to present to the Treasury?

Yes. You can see your updated investments in your user profile and the benefits you have achieved in each project. EthicHub will also provide an annual report with the returns and benefits obtained to facilitate your annual income statement.

How do I collect the money back?

The procedure is straightforward and operates in reverse of the investment process. As soon as the farmers have satisfied the loan with the stipulated interest, their local currency will be converted to xDai that will be sent to the Smart Contract of the associated Project. Then, you will receive an email informing you to recover your investment plus the interest generated.

Afterwards, you can go to the platform, select the funded project and  request repayment of the loan to the Smart Contract.. You will automatically receive your xDai to your wallet.

What is a Token Ethix?

A token is the native unit of account that operates within a given Blockchain and operates different fulfilling functions. In Bitcoin, the Token is called bitcoin. In this case, the Token can also be classified as a cryptocurrency. In Ethereum, the Token is called ether is used to pay commissions to miners each time smart contracts are executed, or tokens are transferred from one address to another. EthicHub also has its Token- Ethix.

In the EthicHub ecosystem, the Ethix token provides collateral for the loans requested on the platform by farmers. Our hard-working farmers with profitable activities are excluded from the traditional financial system and lack the necessary guarantees to guarantee loans. In this way, we achieve that the holders of the Ethix tokens can act as guarantors of the farmers in exchange for benefits, and we managed to attract more investments to the platform and reach new farmers.

That's why it is called an impact token because its mere possession reinforces an ecosystem that aims to help small farmers' socio-economic development.

How can I buy Token Ethix?

You can acquire your impact token - Ethix directly through our website or through centralized exchanges or decentralized exchanges. The market determines the price of the Token

Centralized Exchanges: Cryptopocket

Decentralized Exchanges: Uniswap and Cowswap

If you use Decentralized Exchanges, the pair must be correct by verifying the Pool generation contract. If you have doubts or questions, contact us at

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining is an improved alternative to the concept of Yield farming. Both terms are just some of the alternatives that arise under Blockchain technology's protection and the enormous possibilities that Decentralized Finance (DEFI) currently offers. Both options allow generating a passive return by immobilizing various crypto assets without losing exposure to them.

Anyone in the world, using open and decentralized protocols, can participate in the numerous pools. You can provide liquidity using tokens depositing them in Smart Contracts without counterparty risk.It is a relatively simple operation, not recommended for beginners, enabling users ("yield farmers") to collect notable returns as pool members.

Participants in the EthicHub liquidity pool on Uniswap and you will benefit from a daily distribution of 1000 Ethix tokens, in addition to the commissions they charge for each conversion of Ethix into Ether and vice versa.

I still have doubts about the processes in EthicHub.

We know that the first time it can be difficult to understand or even as you have been using the platform, different doubts have arisen. Do not worry. To solve them, you have two excellent options:

  1. Check our FAQS
  2. Get in touch with us through