A multifunctional token,
connecting to the real world.

Ethix is the insurance of loans, which protects lenders
' investment. It is also a token that will give you the possibility to make decisions in the governance of EthicHub.

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Ethix Mujer

Token Ethix

Ethix is an impact token that represents trust in farmers and provides guarantees to their loans.

50% of all Ethix are staked in the Compensation System to give you higher security.

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Staking Ethix

If you are an Ethix Holder, you will be able to participate in the rewards programs for staking your tokens.

You will have the option to receive different benefits depending on the level of risk.

Staking encourages long-term Ethix tenure and, in the future, will open the doors for you to participate in EthicHub governance.

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MiniMice Yield Bonds

Yield Bonds
are dollar bonds (DAI) that are used to invest in farmers' projects.

These bonds are protected and collateralized by Ethix. In case there is a default, the delivery of the collateral protects your investment.

From Yield Farmers to Small Farmers!

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