A multifunctional token for impact.

Ethix features allow you to select the profile that best suits your needs to become part of an impact ecosystem


You will get discounts at the ethichub shop and a better interest rate when you lend to farmers.


An incentive token to improve the security ecosystem


Access to governance to participate in the ecosystem of the future.

Ethix token with a social impact.

By owning a token you become a part of this new economy of impact. You contribute to strengthening the EthicHub ecosystem and bringing new investments into the real and productive economy. 

Be part of a virtuous circle of incentives that favors the community's growth as a whole, and that gives you, as an Ethichuber, the opportunity to access exclusive services.

Designed for you if you are a crypto investor and also for those who are just discovering the crypto world.

A percentage of each loan financed on the platform will go directly to the purchase of Ethix in the market, regularly revaluing the token's value.

Your future token will contribute to creating a digital crypto fund that will ensure farmers' crops and connect you with the DEFI world. DEFI is the great novelty of this 2020, where crypto is migrating all their investments.



Token- full of governance.






At EthicHub we have always been very receptive to the constructive feedback coming out of our community.

Ethix grants you the governance rights so that you can get directly involved in the project development process and bring your proposals to life with the support of our community.

Reviews from EthicHubers

A platform to invest in projects in which you help agricultural producers in poor areas without access to banking resources—a full-rule win-win. Besides, the guys who work behind this project are cool.


Make the most of impact investing and help people in need




Great opportunity to put your money into social impact with blockchain technology! Highly recommended.



Technical information about Token

A unique architecture for an impactful token.


Docs EthicHub

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