EthicHub at Devconnect 2022

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Today is the day when we tell you about our experience during this year’s DevConnect in Amsterdam!

From 18 to 25 of April, part of EthicHub’s team made its way to Amsterdam to assist and participate in different events organized during DevConnect.

DevConnect is a one-week IRL event bringing together many different projects within the Ethereum ecosystem. The central idea of it is to reunite all these protocols around specific themes as well as offer workshops for developers about new up-and-coming innovations within the blockchain space. For us, we had an absolute blast at the DAOist event and for that, we would like to thank Inga for her support and all the DAOist team for smashing this one out of the park!

On the first day, we were situated on the second floor in a lounge, where people could come to chat with us as well as try the delicious coffee from our unbanked farmers. On the second day, we were on the first floor just next to the main stage. From both these days, our luck never turned. We kept meeting incredible people like Jaf from EPNS, Sunny from VAF, Eugene from Lido, the team behind Regens Unite , and many more interesting people. We also had the privilege to take part in a ReFi (Regenerative Finance) workshop together with PrimeDAO, TEC, Traditional Dream Factory and other ReFi protocols. Thank you to Luuk and Jahed for organizing it and giving us the opportunity to talk about ReFi protocols, such as EthicHub.

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The following day, we attended the Winterproof event together with Centrifuge, Teller and Resource Finance where Jori Armbruster participated in a panel discussion. He shared his vision around the ReFi ecosystem’s potential staying resilient during the next crypto winter because of its ties to the real world and activities that will not cease to exist in the future (i.e. our farmers’ culture of coffee). After the panel discussion, we met Mike from IXO who introduced us to a new potential partner having interests very much aligned with ours. Our little hint is Ekonavi!

We also participated in events from Schelling Point, meeting once again Morten from Gitcoin and in an event from Celo, where the ReFi crew was once again making its presence. Later that fourth day, our new friend Eugene from Lido introduced us to Stas Smirnov, a Russian architect and coffee grader, who we hope to work with in order to unlock new market opportunities for the sale of our green and toasted coffee.

It wouldn’t be fair to close this article without mentioning our friends from Lightshift Capital who organized the Starknet Bootcamp! We were present for the first day of the Bootcamp, where we served our coffee to all the participants.

Overall, DevConnect has been an incredible experience for EthicHub and its team. We found great synergies between the different protocols we interacted with and their people. We came in as a team and left with tons of new friends. We are confident that we will be able to materialize the new ideas that came out of this beautiful event in the next few months!

As always, we wish you the absolute best, and we will keep you posted on the next ones! Peace!




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