You can now acquire your ethix on CELO in a fast, secure and simple way with Cryptopocket.

You can now acquire your ethix on CELO in a fast, secure and simple way with Cryptopocket.

Having your first ethix to put in favor of farmers, in the collective collateral, or to reinforce the compensation system, has never been so easy!

Great news, ethichubbers. After a few fortunate first meetings at various events, pleasant conversations, and after identifying a shared passion for the possibilities of the blockchain ecosystem, today we share with you our excitement for the partnership we announced with Cryptopocket. Now you can also become an ethixholder and start making an impact on our ecosystem beyond investments in projects! And in a matter of a few minutes!

It is now possible to acquire your first ethix, regardless of your crypto profile, and become part of our collaborative system in an extraordinarily simple way. With Cryptopocket you can acquire our token using euros, either by credit card or by making a bank transfer. If you already have a crypto address, you just have to point it out and if you don't have it yet, don't worry because it is no longer an impediment. The Cryptopocket team will guide you step by step in this task. In any of the cases you will receive at the address you have provided, the acquired ethix and also the necessary gas so that you can start operating in CELO. 

And then you will be able to contribute immense value to our ecosystem, regardless of the ethix you have acquired. As Íñigo Molero comments, "we might think that allocating just a handful of ethix to complete the collective collateral in favor of new farmers is an inconsequential gesture, but the truth is that it brings immense value to the EthicHub ecosystem". And he takes the opportunity to recommend to all those new ethixholders who join the CELO ecosystem, with Cryptopocket, to provide a VALORA wallet address, "because you can interact directly with the EthicHub platform and access the possibilities we have developed in DeFi very easily. In a few minutes you can start making an impact with that handful of ethix." And he ends with a heartfelt acknowledgement to the Cryptopocket team. "Everything has been very easy and smooth from the first contacts. And I want to thank Vicente, Fran... and the rest of the Cryptopocket team for their great predisposition, the facilities we have found and their work capacity".   

We tell you that our friends from Cryptopocket were officially presented a few days ago, during the Meta World Congress that took place in Madrid. Although the truth is that they have been working since early 2022 with a clear objective: to help crypto projects with the dissemination and adoption of their proposals, facilitating the incorporation of interested users who, until now, have remained outside the Blockchain world. Vicente Romero, CEO of Cryptopocket points out that the alliance with EthicHub, "a social project, internationally recognized and prestigious", is an example of how collaborations in the ecosystem can bring value to the parties. This agreement, he is convinced, "will make us grow together as companies". We are convinced that this will be the case, as you already know that we are great believers in building collaborative systems, and the possibilities of this collaboration can go far beyond this first announcement. But for now, a few screenshots of what is already operational with

Screenshots of Ethix buying process at Cryptopocket

For Vicente, Cryptopocket offers "a regulated tool and the necessary security to facilitate the adoption of that 90% of people who have not yet entered the crypto ecosystem and do not have the confidence or knowledge necessary" to take that first necessary step. Cryptopocket, greatly optimizes access and basic procedures in the crypto world for first-timers. Users can purchase tokens, cryptocurrencies or NFTs, by card or bank transfer, and receive the purchased tokens in their own digital wallet. 

But almost more relevant is its commitment to those promising projects, in an incipient phase, which allows interested parties to have convenient access to the projects they identify with in this ecosystem. In a sentence, "bringing "ordinary" people closer to the world of cryptoassets and, therefore, to the "tokenized economy".  An ambitious goal that we fully subscribe to here. 

And little else, ethichubbers! Very excited about this partnership with Cryptopocket and the new possibilities on the horizon.  That's why we have decided that, to celebrate this partnership with all of you, for the time being, we will bear all the costs associated with the acquisition of your first ethix.
Through our platform (Cryptopocket)



EthicHub is a ReFi (Regenerative Finance) protocol that helps unbanked farmers access capital at low interest rates in a win/win model where all stakeholders benefit from the interaction. Its crowdlending platform was launched in June 2018, and to date (January 2023) it has brokered more than $3M in microcredits to more than 600 families in 5 countries.