First coffee container sold in cryptocurrencies

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We have sold a container of coffee, accepting Ethix as payment!
Our friends at Cafès Gener became the first roaster to use our token as a payment method.

We have excellent news that we want to share with all of you. On November 27, we sold more than 18 tons of coffee to Cafès Gener. Fortunately, at this point, this should not be news because it is not the first container that we sell, nor the first time that we supply coffee to the renowned Barcelona roaster. However, with this agreement, we have achieved a new milestone in the history of EthicHub because it is the first time our Ethix token has shown a new utility in our ecosystem; payment method.

This milestone for Ethix takes place just one year after its launch, in December 2020. Ethix has proven to be the cornerstone of the entire impact ecosystem we are trying to build.

First of all, it is closely linked to our compensation system, designed to minimize risks and provide investors with security. And it has already demonstrated its solvency; Investors of unpaid projects on the platform were not affected because they received the principal plus agreed interest. The Ethix assigned to the compensation system assumed the default. Also, it allows us to transform the Ethix into a tangible guarantee and materialize our trust in farmers. This is how we have achieved that new communities can be integrated into EthicHb. This year we entered two new countries; Brazil and Honduras. Thanks to the Ethix and all the Ethichubbers who deposited them as collateral.

And now, we are showing that Ethix has a new utility in our ecosystem because, with them, we can buy our farmers' products. And although the first payment corresponds to a large roaster like Cafès Gener, in the future, it could be any Ethichubber because we already have in mind to enable new forms of payment to the usual ones.

Anyone familiar with the crypto ecosystem can witness this important milestone because it has been operated on a public blockchain. And this is the hash of the transaction:



We continue working to provide new utilities to Ethix to reinforce its important role in the EthicHub ecosystem. And for that, we are developing new alternatives and facilitating the acquisition and use of Ethix. As you know, recently, our token also runs on the xDai network, renamed xEthix. An important fact because it will allow us to develop ideas that we have in mind and greatly facilitate the interaction of the token with the Ethichubbers and Ethixholders. We have made their access much easier.

So when you have them, you only have to think about the use you want to give them.

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